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Splicers - Role-Playing Game

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Splicers Is A New Science Fiction Roleplaying Game Set On A Devastated World Where Machines Rule, And Human Beings Are Vermin Who Are Hunted And Exterminated. The Human Struggle Is Complicated By A Nanovirus That Instantly Turns Metal Objects Touched By Human Flesh Into Killing Machines. Consequently, Humans Have Been Forced To Turn To Organic Technology To Battle The Worlddominating Machines If They Hope To Reclaim Any Portion Of Their Planet Back For Themselves. The Human Resistance, Their Genetically Spliced Weapons And Power Armor, Secret Cities And Plans Toretake Their World. The Machine Mind That Rules From On High And Commands Its Robot Legions Like A Psychotic General. The Nanoplague And Its Ramifications. Human O.C.C.S, Strongholds And World Background. A New, Standalone Roleplaying Game Heavy On Science Fiction. Megadamage System Compatible With Rifts(R), Chaos Earth, And Phase World(R).

Cover: Mark Evans.

Interior Art: Clark, Dudley, Walton, Okamura And Others.

Written By: Carmen Bellaire

With Additional Text And Rules By Kevin Siembieda.

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