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Beach Shovel

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This toy shovel is made to last! It’s heavier, sturdier, and ready to tackle a child’s toughest outdoor jobs. Whether it’s digging for pirate treasure in the sand, helping parents and grandparents shovel the snow, or doing some work in the garden, this shovel has what it takes. It features a handle that won’t break under pressure, making no play time chore too much to take on. Time to get digging!

Along with being a fun tool, this long-handled heavy duty shovel has other benefits. It encourages outdoor play and gives children the joy of feeling like they are helping out in the yard. It can inspire imagination, as kids build sand castles or snow forts and pretend they are kings in their very own kingdom. It’s also a great way to introduce children to nature, whether it be the flowers in the garden or the shells that can be found in the sand.

A toy shovel can also help to build pride and self-esteem in a child. Maybe they will be helping to clear the walk after a snowstorm or digging a hole in the garden for a new plant. They will get to see what a difference their efforts can make, while learning about being responsible and the value they can bring to any task.

  • This long handled toy shovel features rounded edges and a handle specially made for small hands to grip.
  • Designed to withstand rough play.
  • This children’s shovel is made of ABS plastic and does not contain BPA, PVC or phthalates. 
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions: 28” long x 6.75” wide x 3.75” deep
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