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Rifts - Game Master Guide

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Rifts: Game Master Guidepalladium Books Isbn: 1574570676352 Pagesrifts(R) Game Master Guidea Huge 352 Page Wealth Of Information That Will Delight Rifts(R) Fans.The Goal Is To Create One Big, Easy Reference Guide For G.M.S That Should Include Comprehensive And Condensed Lists Of Skills, Magic Spells, Psionic Powers, O.C.C.S, R.C.C.S, Weapons, Vehicles, And More. As Well As Vital Information For Game Masters, More And Updated World Information, And Lots Of Other Helpful Lists,Charts, Source Material, Tips And Information. All The Skills From Around Rifts Earth And Beyond, Described And Listed In One Place. Summary Of Hand To Hand Combat. Comprehensive Dbees List. Comprehensive Monster List. Comprehensive List And Condensed Stats For Weapons, Vehicles And Equipment. Rules Clarifications, Explanations And Updates. Game Master Tips, Rules And Suggestions For Creating And Running Adventures. Section On Playing In The World Of Rifts(R). Optional Rules, Tables And Easy To Reference Charts. Tons Of World Maps. Designer'S Notes. New Artwork And More. Cover By: Davedormaninterior Art: Perez, Breaux, Wilson, Johnson, Williams And Burles.Written By: Kevin Siembieda With Bill Coffin.
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