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Rifts - Dimension Book 4 - Skraypers

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PAL0830 Rifts Scraypers Dimension Book 4 Role Playing Game RPG by Palladium Books

Rifts+ Dimension Book 4


An epic, no-holds-barred battle between good and evil! Visually explosive. Hotly anticipated.

- An epic world setting designed for Rifts and Heroes Unlimited
- The Tarlok invaders - villains players will love to hate.
- The Charizolon System and the planet Seeron/Skraypers.
- Over a dozen alien races.
- The superhumans who fight to free a world.
- Weapons and equipment, and a solar system of adventure.
- Direct connections to Rifts, Phase World & Heroes Unlimited.
- Written by Kevin Siembieda, based on concepts by Zeleznik.
- Absolutely fantastic art by John Zeleznik.
- Page Count: 160 pages.
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