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Rifts - Book of Magic

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Rifts: Book of MagicPalladium Books ISBN: 1-57457-069-2352 pagesRifts(R) Book of Magic - A Game Master's GuideA huge 352 page book that collects into one book all the myriad types of magic, hundreds of magic spells, Techno-Wizard weapons and vehicles, Rune weapons, and other magic items. Plus clarifications and details on the various magic character classes. - All spells in one book! - Details and information on magic character classes. - Clarification and examples of magic combat. - Rules clarifications,explanations and updates. - Game Master tips and a whole lot more!Cover by: John ZeleznikInterior Art: Perez, Breaux, Wilson, Johnson,Williams and Burles.Written by: Kevin Siembieda with Bill Coffin.
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