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Rifts - World Book 36 - Sovietski

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Rifts® World Book 36: Sovietski

The Sovietski faces the ever present dangers of the high-tech but savage and ruthless Warlords of Russia, the expanding Brodkil invasion sponsored by Mindwerks and the Angel of Death, Werewolves in the north, Gargoyles spilling in from the west, and the coming of the Minion War. This book dives deep into the Sovietski nation, its people, their dreams, beliefs, politics, and growing army, plus D-Bees, Dead Zones, Spetsnaz Special Forces, new cyborgs and bionics, and more.

  • 9 Sovietski O.C.C.s, 40+ M.O.S. Skill Packages, and body armor.
  • Spetsnaz Sovietski Special Forces – the new KGB.
  • 11 unique cyborgs, new bionics plus cyborg animals for scouting and combat.
  • Light, Heavy and Superheavy Machines (cyborgs), revisited.
  • The Sovietski war machine – new combat troops, vehicles, tanks, aircraft, body armor, weapons, grenades, tank shells and more.
  • Bunker creation tables and Dead Zone tables.
  • Invasion by the Brodkil Empire, demons and Werewolves.
  • Russian D-Bees like Wolverine People and the elemental Yaganar.
  • Overview of the Sovietski, notable cities, places of interest, notable groups, people, and many adventure ideas.
  • 224 pages written by Brandon Aten, Matthew Orr and Kevin Siembieda.
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