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Dice Men: The Origin Story of Games Workshop

From the founders of Warhammer—the full color, highly illustrated story of legendary gaming store Games Workshop From the back of a van to the London Stock Exchange... Since 1975, Games Workshop has been the cornerstone of the UK, with a gaming store in nearly every town and city. They are best known for creating Warhammer but their story, and their origins, are full of nerd-tastic lore and legendary moments. From launching Dungeons and Dragons in the back of their van (and then securing rights to sell it through the whole of Europe) to creating the Fighting Fantasy series, co-founders Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson tell their remarkable story for the first time in Dice Men. Dice Men is not just the story of an iconic store, but tells of the birth of an industry, one that has changed gaming forever—in full color, and highly illustrated with early memorabilia that will thrill fans.
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