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Choose Your Own Adventure 3-Book Board Book Boxed Set #1 (The Abominable Snowman, Journey Under the Sea, Space and Beyond) (Choose Your Own Adveture)

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Widely commended for its appeal to reluctant readers, Choose Your Own Adventure is the 4th bestselling book series for children of all time. This adorable 3-book boxed set takes YOU on nine adventures: Search for the lost city of Atlantis, trek through the snowy mountains of Nepal in search of the mysterious yeti, and soar through the galaxy exploring new planets! At the bottom of every page, YOU must make a choice: If you want to go to the ocean floor, turn to page 12. If you want to search the cave, turn to page 18. Journey Under The Sea by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU searching for the lost city of Atlantis. You search the ocean floor and in underwater caves, meeting friendly fish and turtles along the way. You might even find some buried treasure! Will YOU find the lost city of Atlantis? The Abominable Snowman by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU searching for the mysterious baby yeti. You brave the cold and snowy mountains of Nepal in hopes of spotting any signs of the creature. You build fires to stay warm and sip butter tea while you rest. Will YOU find the baby yeti? Space and Beyond by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU to outer space. Your parents are from two very different planets: Planet Croyd and Planet Kenda. It's up to you to decide which planet you will live on. You travel through space, marvel at stars, and make new friends while exploring both planets and what they have to offer. Which planet will YOU choose? Each book is adapted from a bestselling Choose Your Own Adventure book where YOU choose what happens next to reach three happy endings. Illustrated by French artist Kalon Sardin. "I found the CYOA board book to be delightful and I think it's a great addition to the overall series. I really enjoyed the artwork and how colorful it all was and the use of color with the words. I think a lot of librarians and parents will find it enjoyable to read to the little ones." --Michelle M., New York Public Library
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