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BFF Best Friends Forever

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Each Boxed Set includes…

  • 17 Friends to represent our characters in the story
  • 50+ Charms to represent things our Friends like about each other and how we change and grow
  • 6 Charm Bracelets to hold the charms and serve as a rules reminder
  • 1 Charm Box to store the unused charms
  • 1 Hangout Guide spiral-bound with instructions, 13 hand-painted hangouts, a hangout map, and a yearbook to sign at the end of each session
  • 52 Friendship Cards with narrative prompts to guide us in the creation of our story
  • 1 Six–Sided Die to help us track how long each hangout will last. You might roll it to see if Ms. Wei kicks us out of her backyard, or use it as a counter to track our pizza supply. Each hangout is a little different!
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