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Bag of Tricks (20 Sets)

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  • BAG OF TRICKS: The completionist's dream. Get all 20 new Wiz Dice colors from Series III: Trickster's Trove
  • 20 COMPLETE SETS: Earthy and enchanting, the Bag of Tricks stands on its own and can fit over 200 dice. Includes a bulk collection of 140 polyhedral rpg dice in 20 colorful, complete sets
  • TONS OF TREATMENTS: Neons and glitters, gemlike translucents and dark solids, even three colors that look like they're covered in frost
  • SERIES 3: Find every treatment from Wiz Dice Series III: Trickster's Trove. Features 20 colors named by Wiz Dice community members such as Skystone, Celestial Sea, and the ethereal Sparkle Vomit
  • ALL 7 POLYHEDRALS: Set of 7 Wiz Dice includes a d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, and d20, with classic d4 numbering. Great for DMs who want to outfit their adventuring party
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