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Articulated Goblin

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Goblins are a type of mythical creature found in many cultures around the world. They are typically depicted as small, mischievous and sometimes dangerous creatures that live in caves, forests, and other dark places. Goblins are often seen as tricksters and pranksters, but they can also be dangerous adversaries.

In most folklore, goblins are described as being short, usually around three to four feet tall with long, pointed ears and large noses. They typically have green or grey skin and long, pointed teeth, as well as long wiry hair on their heads. They are often portrayed as wearing clothing made of animal hides, or rags.

Goblins are usually seen as being mischievous and often take pleasure in playing pranks on humans, such as stealing their food or valuables or causing mischief. They are also usually seen as being cowardly and subservient to more powerful creatures.

Ages: 3y+

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