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Aletheia RPG

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The world is a strange and mysterious place.

Alien abductions. Crop circles. Spontaneous Human Combustion. Such things defy modern science and spark human curiosity. But what if these things are not really unexplainable? What if humanity is only viewing these phenomena from a limited and flawed perspective? Perhaps a simple, yet invisible, explanation underlies all such phenomena.

The Seven Dogs Society investigates the weirdness at reality's fringe. They believe a single truth underpins the unexplained and paranormal. By understanding such phenomena, they hope to discover the true nature of reality.

In Aletheia, each player portrays a member of the Seven Dogs Society. They investigate the anomalous phenomena and impossible occurrences that defy logic and commonsense. This includes conducting eyewitness interviews, on-site analysis and observation, and forming hypotheses—all in an attempt to answer the big questions at the heart of the game.
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