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13 True Ways

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13 True Ways expands the 13th Age Roleplaying Game in exciting new directions. Within its 256 pages you ll find six new classes, the lore of devils, the keys to Horizon, the Great Gold Worm's secret assassin, and much more.

For Players:

The chaos mage who embraces randomness, and the monk who embodies discipline

The druid who masters the elements , and the necromancer who commands the undead

The commander who orders your ranks, and the occultist who orders reality

Multiclassing tools to help you create the character you most want to play

Treasure to loot, and artifacts that might just loot you

For GMs:

All-new details and adventure seeds for Axis, the Court of Stars, Drakkenhall, Horizon, and Santa Cora

More ways to use the icons, including variant icons and relationship results tied to a location

Lists of 13: deadly dungeons, flying realms, must-visit inns, and more

New monsters to challenge your players, including devils, metallic dragons, werebeasts, and soul flensers

Four detailed new NPCs with multiple campaign options

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