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Rifts - Dimension Book 7 - Megaverse Builder

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Rifts: DB #7: Megaverse BuilderPalladium Books ISBN: 1-57457-099-496 PagesCarl Gleba,author of the popular Phase World(R): The Three Galaxies, has created a sourcebook and guide to help Game Masters create their own alien dimensions andworlds. A great tool for G.M.s and fun for players. Rules, suggestions and tables for generating dimensions. -Dimensional anomalies and other strangeness. -The Shifter "Revisited" plus a fewnew dimension traveling O.C.C.s. -Dimension Familiars and a few other weird creatures. -A few sample dimensions, adventure ideas and more. -For use with Rifts(R) and Phase World(R). Cover by: Mark Evans.Interior Art: Burles, Okamuraand others.Written by: Carl Gleba.
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