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Board Games

  • Quarto - Saltire Games



    Each of the 16 pieces has 4 different attributes. The aim is to line up 4 pieces which share the same attribute. The problem is you can't choose wh...

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  • Similo Myths - Saltire Games
    Similo Myths - Saltire Games
    Horrible Guild

    Similo Myths


    Similo is a cooperative deduction game. Each version comes with a deck of 30 cards, beautifully illustrated by Naade, showing the portrait and the ...

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  • Dixit USA - Saltire Games
    Dixit USA - Saltire Games

    Dixit USA


    Dixit is the lovingly illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale. In this award-winning board game, players wi...

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  • New York 1901 - Saltire Games
    New York 1901 - Saltire Games
    Blue Orange

    New York 1901


    Players try to score points by constructing, demolishing, and rebuilding skyscrapers on the famous streets of New York City. On your turn, you will...

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  • Go Go Gelato! - Saltire Games
    Go Go Gelato! - Saltire Games
    Blue Orange

    Go Go Gelato!


    The Yummy Logic Race! Using 4 scoops, 3 cones, 2 hands, and 1 challenge card, fill your customers’ orders as quickly as you can! Pass the scoops fr...

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