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Inkwell Ideas - 5e Magic Item Card Catalog - Armors of Note

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Cards for every specific magic armor! This is part of a series of magic item cards. One side of each card has a beautiful, painted style illustration of the item, the other side has the item's game rules for use with the 5th edition of the best-known fantasy RPG. Hand them out to players as they gain the items for easy reference and/or use them to keep track of which character is holding what. This deck's checklist: 01. Adamantine Breastplate 02. Adamantine Chain Mail 03. Adamantine Chain Shirt 04. Adamantine Half Plate 05. Adamantine Plate 06. Adamantine Ring Mail 07. Adamantine Scale Mail 08. Adamantine Splint 09. Animated Shield 10. Armor of Invulnerability 11. Armor of Resist., Breastplate 12. Armor of Resist., Chain Mail 13. Armor of Resist., Chain Shirt 14. Armor of Resist., Half Plate 15. Armor of Resist., Hide 16. Armor of Resist., Leather 17. Armor of Resist., Padded 18. Armor of Resist., Plate 19. Armor of Resist., Ring Mail 20. Armor of Resist., Scale Mail 21. Armor of Resist., Splint Mail 22. Armor of Resist., Studded Leather 23. Armor of Vulnerability 24. Arrow-Catching Shield 25. Demon Armor 26-35. Dragon Scale Mail 36. Dwarven Plate 37. Elven Chain 38. Glamoured Studded Leather 39. Mithral Breastplate 40. Mithral Chain Mail 41. Mithral Chain Shirt 42. Mithral Half Plate 43. Mithral Plate 44. Mithral Ring Mail 45. Mithral Scale Mail 46. Mithral Splint Mail 47. Plate Armor of Etherealness 48. Shield of Missile Attraction 49. Spellguard Shield 50-52. Custom Items