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Gamma Grunts

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You are a mad scientist with one goal... WORLD DOMINATION. There's only one problem, there are other mad scientists in your way. To defeat the other mad Scientists you will create a gang of Grunts using Gamma Juice, a radioactive goo. You’ll need to disrupt the actions of the other mad scientists and ultimately Smash your opponent. In this deck builder, your Gamma Grunts Will help you Smash your opponents' forces and decks bringing you closer to world domination.

Everyone starts with the same 15 cards consisting of 4 Discoveries, 5 Brutes, and 6 Gamma Juice cards. The Discoveries help you gain Infamy throughout the game, bringing you closer to winning. They also can help you get extra Gamma Juice. The Brutes are small Gamma Grunts without abilities that will get you started in combat and help you smash other people's decks. Gamma Juice is the resource of the game that is used to create Grunts and play Disruptions to get in the way of other Mad Scientists.

There are also cards players can draft from to build up their decks. The cost varies from 1-4 and there will always be a revealed card of each cost players can draft, in addition to a blind deck of each cost people can draft. Players also get to choose 2 cards to displace, either by removing them from the game, or covering the displayed card. This enables you to create your own destiny with which cards you get to draft.

The most important part of this game is that your deck is your life in this game. So when you damage a player, they are forced to smash cards from their deck and thus reduce their life. Knowing when to build up your deck and knowing when to battle others is a constant struggle. Just be sure you don't find yourself unable to draw because if you do, you lose.